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SMC is known for providing the most innovative designs in the industry. SMC Actuators come with many dimensional options and that’s why they offer a wide choice for many industries. From Semi Conductors to Automotive, Packaging to Medical, Food to Heavy Vehicles SMC is the first choice of the engineers around the world. Our standard features include a wide range of 16 inch and 18 metric bore sizes, multiple mounting configurations and auto switch capability on most of the series. We have designed and built actuators for high precision performance, and exceptional reliability. Our global production facilities make product availability simple in all industrialized counties around the world. SMC actuators are available in a wide variety of styles, including linear, guided, rotary, gripper, specialty, and for use with pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical parts. Each series comes with a full complement of standard options.

Rotary Actuators

SMC manufactures two of the most common types of rotary actuators: Rack and Pinion and Vane style. In addition, we offer Combination models combining compact cylinders and rotational capability and rotary gripper combinations. When the application calls for rotational motion less than one revolution, rotary actuators can mount right at the equipment joint without taking up space with long stroke lengths, which would be required to do the same job with a linear cylinder. SMC's rotary actuators can achieve arc lengths of 90°, 180°, 190°, or even 270°, depending on the configuration.

  • Vane Type–MSUB, (N)CRB1 CRB1BW;

  • Rack and Pinion–MSQ, (N)CRQ, (N)CRA1;

  • Combination–MK2, MRQ, MHRQ


SMC offers a galore of pneumatic grippers in the industry today. The series include rotary driven, two, three and four finger parallel styles that are ideal for gripping and centering; a wide opening parallel model, designed to accommodate many different sized parts; a heavy duty style, suitable for a wide range of applications; an angular model, speed adjustment built in; a toggle to give reliable gripping support; a low-contamination style, equipped with a protective boot; and electric

Specialty and Engineered Actuators

There are many instances when the standard actuators cannot do your task, for these conditions we design specialty actuators. SMC can help you find the solution. SMC offers a variety of specialty actuators including Sine (smooth acceleration), Load Stopping, and Clamp to name a few. For example, the transportation of delicate items often requires greater control of cylinder speed, acceleration and deceleration than provided by the traditional pneumatic cylinders. For these cases, SMC has developed a RE series of sine cylinders. These cylinders facilitate high-speed transportation of work but have very smooth actuation (similar to sine wave). We always want to help you out with your demanding application hence we have designed so many utility actuators that you just need to browse through our range and you will find the right one. We also customize it as per the clients’ requirements.


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